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In The Play.Ground, members can network with global music professionals of all backgrounds, vetted and curated to provide an elevated experience.



In our membership community, you can search easily and connect directly with a global sandbox of vetted music freelancers available for hire by artists at any stage of their career.



We're committed to fostering professional growth through exclusive webinars, live chats, music sessions, leading educational resources, as well as invaluable mentoring opportunities for young professionals.


for artists & music professionals

$39 / MO

$390 / YR

for labels, agencies, and companies

$159 / MO

$1,590 / YR

for freelancers

$25 / MO

$250 / YR

for students, educators, and colleges

$10 / MO

$100 / YR

Why Join the B.A.K Play.Ground

  • Access to the B.A.K Play.Ground digital community and mobile app
  • Direct connection to vetted professional talent that are available for hire
  • Post to job boards for immediate needs
  • Hire directly with no agency or placement fees
  • 10% off Kat Cafe artist service packages
  • Detailed member profiles to easily see work highlights, service offerings and scheduling link
  • Live chats and spaces to connect with the community
  • Webinars by the B.A.K Team, Vetted Professionals, Industry Partners, and Music Innovators
  • Access to vetted young professionals who have graduated from the B.A.K Intern & Mentor program for junior assignments
  • …and more

How We Vet Our Freelancers

Hiring in music is not easy. We have experience working on every side of our industry - label, management, freelancer - and have experienced the struggles of poor work quality, lack of accountability, delayed timelines & payment, inconsistent communication, and worst of all, ghosting. With B.A.K, you can find ease knowing that we've done the hard work for you.

We vet and approve our freelancers via a 1-on-1 interview process based on:

  • Proven work results that are recent and consistent with high-quality industry standards
  • Independent work experience with music artists and their teams
  • Work process and familiarity with industry operational standards and procedures

Learn More About Our Freelancers

In Our Weekly Play.Ground Digest

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Atlanta Cobb

Music Industry Mentor

Chris Brannen

Artist Marketing + Brand Partnerships

Rebekah Espinosa

Marketing and Brand Developer

Jordyn Reese

Full-Service DSP Marketing + Advertising Specialist

Rodney Hazard

Creative Director and Designer

Leonard Madu

Radio Promotions, DJ Distribution & Tour Management

Natalie Jacobs

Artist Development & Data Strategy

Bryan Hahn

Video Director

Haley Brawner

Music Marketing Specialist