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B.A.K Projects

Introducing our new bi-weekly collaborative playlist series where we partner with some of our favorite music discovery platforms to introduce emerging artists incorporating re-imagined retro movie art.

Kat Café Artist Services

The B.A.K artist consultations offer artists the flexibility to speak with a music specialist as needed, who can answer questions with knowledge, foresight, and experience in today’s music market. Our consultants offer artist guidance, with no need for a long-term contract. We offer these types of consultations: Artist Career and Marketing, A&R, Legal, Rights Management, Financial & Business Management, Live Music.

Ralph's Used & Rare Books

We recently caught up with [Untitled] founders Dan & Jose to discuss the genesis of their platform, how they are facilitating a new generation of artistic collaboration, and the importance of treating “unfinished” music as precious.

Music Man

The first installment of our new ""Another 48 Hours"" collab playlist series has launched with AUD'$, Australia's premier music discovery editorial platform. Listen to this eclectic 26 song playlist made up of emerging artists.

The B.A.K Play.Ground

This Week's Play.Ground Digest features Marketing & Advertising Specialist Jordyn Reese. Jordyn has led advertising and direct-to-fan marketing teams across global music distributors, day-to-day managed legacy artists working with artists including BTS, Victoria Monet, Bad Bunny, Al Green, Daddy Yankee, and T-Pain!

B.A.K Shop

The B.A.K & Pigeons and Planes SYNY2 Vinyl is now in production and they're only available in limited quantities with this 1 time press. This record was created at Rick Rubin's iconic Shangri-La Studios and features the likes of Paris Texas, Kenny Mason, Monte Booker and more. Get yours today.

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