How to Optimize Your Spotify Page: Tips for Making Your Page Perform
How to Optimize Your Spotify Page: Tips for Making Your Page Perform

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By Lisa Marie

November 26, 2023

Your account on various platforms serves different functions. On some platforms, it will be the first impression fans have of you; on others, it will be how fans discover your music. Yet, on another, it will be how you interact with fans and partners. Because your account will serve multiple functions, Big.Ass.Kids is here to walk you through some of the most common problems and their solutions to help maximize your account's success and provide the intended first impression. In the second of a series of manuals, we will guide you through various ways to maximize your Spotify page.

When releasing new music, Spotify is #1 because of the profile optimizations available for artists. 


1. Professional Profile Picture 📸

Your profile picture will often be the first impression new listeners have of you. Therefore, ensure it reflects your artist persona. Spotify provides helpful tips on uploading your picture. At the very least, it should be a hi-res image with dimensions of at least 2640x1160 pixels but no bigger than 20MB. Additional tips include being creative and unique to make sure you stand out. 


 2.  A Compelling Bio👤

Update your bio with a brief description of yourself, influences, reasons for making music, your target audience or anything related. This helps new fans understand your artistic identity better. You have 1500 characters, so make good use of them even if that means less is more. If your brand is a bit mysterious, share what you’re comfortable with while staying on brand. Also, link your social accounts through the dashboard for easier access for your audience.


3. Artist Verification/Claim Your Profile ☑️

One common issue is artists failing to claim their profiles on major digital service providers like Spotify and Apple Music. Claiming these pages offers many benefits, including access to analytics, playlist submissions, and editing tools. To secure your profile, reach out to your digital distributor for the artist URL. Then, visit, input the URL, and claim your profile. You'll know you've done it correctly when you see the checkmark, as seen below Teezo's name.


Teezo Verified


4. Pin a New Release or Playlist to Your Artist’s Picks 🧷

Select a playlist you've created or a recent release to offer fans an easy song to explore when first checking your music. This tool can engage and attract new fans quickly. Feel free to add a short message with the selection to give fans insight into why you made that choice. You can update this every 2 weeks.


Teezo Pin


5. Regular Updates

Treat Spotify as another social media platform for outreach and music sharing. Regularly post updates, keeping your bio, profile pic, and links up to date. Tease new albums, upcoming tour dates,  merch or share favorite playlists to keep fans engaged.


6. Use Spotify Analytics to Understand Your Audience

Claiming your profile grants access to these analytics. Spotify for Artists provides detailed insights into who's listening to your music, their location, and how they discovered you. Use this data to explore marketing opportunities, brand partnerships, potential tour routing, and collaborators.


7. Use Canvas for Visuals

Spotify's Canvas feature allows artists to post looping visuals instead of static album covers. Use this to make your track stand out. You can post unused clips, live artwork, or snippets from a music video.


Optimizing your Spotify profile is essential, but it's genuine engagement, quality music, and establishing connections with fans that truly pave the way for sustained success on the platform. Frequent your Spotify For Artists page as they are always rolling out new features that artists can use to grow their fanbase. 


Seeking guidance or assistance? Contact the B.A.K Artist Services team for personalized advice and consulting sessions aimed at improving your page. Whether you're facing challenges with setup, selecting the ideal photo, or crafting a compelling bio, our Artist Services team is here to support you. We provide tools for your independent success and a strategic plan to elevate your page!


Written By: Max Krinsky